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Botanical designation

platycyamus regnelii

TsuMu-Rapé is clarifying, stabilizing, purifying and especially effective against stressful states of being. It has an uplifting frequency and is ideal to balance and centralize on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

SIDE NOTE: TSUMU is the classic Tsunu Rapé but mixed by our special Txai called Matheus and not from the Yawanawa tribe. This Rapé is very fresh and produced with lots of blessings and care.

The medicine is made from the skin of the Pau Pereira tree which has a dense bark. It can grow up to 20 meters high and has a trunk diameter of 60 cm. It is one of the most commonly used trees for treating diseases in many tribes of Amazonia.

Pau-pereira belongs to the Apocinaceae family. Unlike many other medicinal plants, the healing properties of pau pereira are not found in its leaves or roots. The beneficial properties are focused on its bark.

The bark of this tree is not only known for being beautiful, but is also considered by some as one of the ten most important medicinal plants in Brazil. According to Brazilian researchers, the plant's power is due to an alkaloid found in it called pareirina. Macerates and decoctions prepared from it are used in indigenous medicine to treat various ailments, including malaria, digestive disorders, constipation, fever, liver pain, cancer, and as sexual stimulants. Nowadays, a large number of Pao Pereira preparations and tinctures can be found on the market specifically for the supportive treatment of cancer.

The Rapé made out of Tsunu is strong, awakening, clearing and purifying - it contains mainly mapacho tobacco, tsunu ash and sometimes other herbal ingredients.

Many people find the scent of this strong rapé very pleasant. Its scent goes in the earthy, wild direction with distinct notes of lively fermentation.

Some people refer to Tsunu as one of the strongest and most pure of the various Rapé varieties because it has the ability to achieve complete cleansing of our energy field. It provides a strong sense of grounding, which is especially effective after prolonged stress. Other features of its use are often energetic release, connection with the earth, connection with the human energy system and sensibilitation towards our ethereal flow through the chakras.

It can also be used for a stronger connection with feminine energy, holistic healing on all levels and realignment of the self. A drastic achievement of intensification regarding our connection with nature is another common characteristic of Tsunu. Additional to all those benefits, it is a great tool for deepening meditational practices.


Medical Benefits: Treatment of malaria, impotence, indigestion, inappetence (loss of appetite), dizziness, constipation and fever.

Spiritual Benefits: Grounding, balancing, charging and energetic cleansing


Main Chakra: Heart

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