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Holistic Upliftment

Botanical designation

licaria puchury-major

Pixuri Rapé is from the Puyanawa tribe and is greatly uplifting to our vibrational frequencies. It is rather gentle and yet very powerful, often working through the Solar Plexus, creating a smooth beneficial whole-body effect.

Contrary to most Rapé, this blend is based on a traditional herb called Pixuri and not on tree ahes. The tree and spirit that is used to intensify the overall experience during its use is Murici or 'byrsonima crassifolia (L.) Rich' as botanical description.

Pixuri is a unique composition that people love for its distinctive taste and smell. The leaves are rich in safrole, eucalyptol, alpha-terpineol and eugenol which are resposible for it. They can augment Libido and act as a sexual stimulant. As well as nutmeg, it is said, they create happiness when ingested in large enough doses. Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects are also attributed to the leaves. These qualities are beneficial to help keep the respiratory system healthy.

Interestingly, its seeds are also a prized compound for culinary purposes, as they have an amazing flavor and are very fragrant. However the seeds of Pixuri are used for other particular medicines, but not in Rapè.


In general, the Pixuri spirit supports the feeling of gratitude and overall well-being of its users and has effects on all our Chakras. In indigenous culture and tradition herbal baths are taken made from the plant to bring about spiritual cleansing.

The Pixuri plant has a long tradition as a classical medicine among tribal shamans. The herb ingredient brings many benefits during the use of this Rapé. The initial effects are mild and warming, progressively building to a intense burning sensation. Lots of sneezing can be expected, expulsion of mucus as well as itching and tickling of the nose. Afterwards a calm state and mental clarity surrounds the recipient. It can be especially opening for the sinuses to receive the opportunity to breath deep fresh air. As a whole the blend gives an interesting feel of harmony, tangible flow of energy and sharpened focus.

The special mixture is ideal to enter deep states of meditation and serves as an overall cleansing tool. It is a medicine with long tradition and is consitently used in rituals. It is said to be an excellent medium in the cases of average depression, chronic anxiety, and treatment of addictions. It is also known to offer relief from heartache. The rather feminine blend acts directly on the solar plexus to resolve emotional challenges. Amongst native people in the Amazon, Pixuri is often used to heal insomnia.

Spiritually, Pixuri has the ability to strengthen our inner circulating energies in order to start radiating powerful vibrations into the outside world. In return strong energy will start flowing back to us from uplifitng external sources as long as we are able to stay in a positive state of being which is automatically enforced through the use of Pixuri Rapé.

It is a very pure product that affects the clarity of mind, clear thoughts and helps to see things from a whole new perspective. Therefore it is a great tool to overcome spiritual obstacles. This makes Pixuri Rapé truly a seamless divine blessing which is sacred to nature and therefore a gift to have on our planet.


Medical Benefits: Strengthens the immune system, can serve as a carminative in the stomach, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and helps with body aches, headache relief, sedative, insomnia, irritability, stomach problems, cramps, respiratory problems, flu and colds

Spiritual Benefits: Opens the quantum field for direct Insights, clearity, recharging in cases of low vitality, powerful assistance during awakenings


Main Chakras: Solar Plexus, Third Eye

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