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Rapezito was founded by Txai Augusto and Txai Kupi in 2018. Many spiritual experiences including a baptism in the Amazon rainforest iniciated the idea of creating a platform that distributes Rapé across the ocean.

The Jungle was the location these two individuals met. Rapezito is yet in the beginning stages of development but has many plans and projects to be fullfilled in the upcoming years.

A deep intense relationship with Rapé was created over the years and the hosting of many Rapé circles added to the insides about this medicine. Both Txais are very dedicated in their continuous learning about the immense energetic effect Rapé has to offer.


- Txai Kupi Enu Bake -
'ceremonial leader, playful singing, ukulele & space holder'

Txai Kupi, student of the Huni Kuin people in Brazil, has already been twice in the deepest jungle in Acre for several weeks, spending side by side with the indigenous tribe. His name was given to him in 2017, after a 3-day birth ritual by passing several tests such as not drinking water during the duration of the baptism. As a result, he was welcomed into the tribe with joy and remains an integral part of the Huni Kuin to this day. Meanwhile he offers trips for interested people into the Amazon and has gained 5 years of experience in dealing with Rapé and other indigenous medicines. He was guided and shown how to operate with energies in a ceremonially guided environment.


- Txai Ole –

'cacao specialist & space holder'

Txai Ole has been working with the heart-opening and healing qualities of cacao for several years. The Cacao Spirit is able to reconnect ourselves with what we really are as soul beings at our core, which is an expression of the highest love. The shamanic work with cacao helps us to reconnect with this highest consciousness by practicing gratitude and appreciation for our bodies and our lives, to remember what is truly important and to remember our purpose and destiny here on earth.


- Txai Çakbîn -.

'creative intuitive healing with voice, play, touch & sound'

Txai Çakbîn is sensitive to what people feel in the moment and/or also whether old and unresolved mechanisms are still at work.

He carries the people within himself and expresses in an intuitive way through his voice and body, the feelings that just can not find a way to the outside.

By holding a safe space, he grants you the opportunity for self-discovery and free development of these.

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