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Botanical designation

cenostigma macrophyllum tul

Caneleiro is a very robust tree which is also expressed in us humans through a stable perceptible grounding effect of this sacred Rapé. Strongly sharpened focus and clear directional instruction are conspicuous appearances after the use of Caneleiro.

The tree called 'Cenostigma Macrophyllum Tul' in botanical language is very similar to the 'Canela de Velho' tree, 'Maraximbé' or 'Fava do Campo'. However considering all its resemblances it still reveals slight differences and should not be labeled exactly the same.  Caneleiro grows to a height of 10 to 20 metres and manifestst great beauty especially when the period of flowering perennials arrives. During that time it grows clusters of yellow flowers that attract insects and many birds with its scent.

The sacred plant often is used to make tea for joints serving as pain relief or to even go as far as treating arthritis. Indigenous tribes also use its bark to heal wounds on the skin, for diarrhoea and low sugar levels.

Caneleiro carries valuable spiritual and energetic cleansing properties as well. Its spirit connects with the element of fire. It can be responsible for regeneration of cells and balancing the hormones if called in with matching intentions.

In general the sacred medicine serves perfectly for an expanded awareness of space, a deeper now-moment presence and gathering energy into the inner space which causes a stable directional focus towards what is truly neccessary at present.

Caneleiro Rapé usually brings about a valuable experience of energetic recalibration, alignment, balance and harmony. The divine teacher that is being called through its use helps to synchronize the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. The composition is kept in Huni Kuin tradition and is passed down through the tribes including the knowledge about its sacred properties.

Caneleiro belongs to the Rapé that can deliver a rather strong energy. It is often used for its grounding properties simultaneously opening the field to consciously experiencing more of the earth body energy. The powder causes the reducing of external focus and outwards manifestation to bring the attention more into the inner-self for more grounding and refreshed clear intension.

It opens the way to deep spiritual connection and intensified meditative states. The holy mixture is well known for its strong rootedness quality and is especially effective releasing prolonged stress according to our experience.

Besides its rather lower body chakra effects it can also work amazingly well in strengthening the mind and its abilities.

Overall, Caneleiro Rapé works to ground, balance, clear the body, piercing through any energetic debris, releasing blockages, relieving muscle tension and bringing about a wave of harmonic peace accompanied by stillness throughout our beingness.


Medical Benefits: anti-inflammatory, releases back pain, soothing osteoarthritis, treats rheumatoid arthritis, blood purification, cures bursitis, joints caring, analgesic, antimicrobial and antiulcerogenic (prevention of gastric ulcers).

Spiritual Benefits: strenght, alignment, orientation, stability, grounding, directional focus and stress relief

Main Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus

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Logged-in Directed Stability

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