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Astral Dissolving Clearance

Botanical designation


The Erva Sagrada spirit works preferred directly with our astral body and at elevated levels in the subtle realm above the crown chakra. Spiritual clarity with physical dissolutions are consciously brought about.

This Rapé is an exclusive blend created by RAPEZITO, which is still under study and to be explored further.

It is a holy alchemistic mix and the medicine is made with the ashes of 3 native herbs of the Amazon forest combined with rather soft tobacco, thus resulting in an aromatic, tonic and smooth experience. Therefore it serves as a great tool for those who are beginning with the sacred medicines because it softens the entrance into the world of plant teachers.

Because of its unique composure and intensional care the Erva Sagrada Rapé medicine  can also be applied to children.

Nevertheless it can create extremely clear and obvious revelation of information coming through from the higher realms which can still be intense. With this blend the connection to the higher self can be strengthend in order for the communication between our ethereal forms of existance and the physical to be opened up. Erva Sagrada releases blockages in the crown chakra to help keeping the gateway to the astral realm clear, purified and free of unwanted distractions. Hence creative ideas can easily be received and an alignment to positive thinking is manifested as a natural side effect using this divine blend.

Whoever is seeking to deepen their relationship with the inner child should definitely make use of this Rapé, also to attract a holistic healing experience. It can help tremendiously to find our true joy in life and rediscover the reason for the physical existance on planet earth.

A more grounding benefit that is said to be caused by Erva Sagrada is a thermoregulatory effect it can have on our body .It can help to avoid or recover from potentially dangerous conditions like hypothermia.


Medical Benefits: Strengthens the immune system, headache relief, migraine soothing, cramps relieving, hypothermia and helps with stomach ailments

Spiritual Benefits: Intensification of present moment awareness, deep ethereal cleansing, dissolves negative energies, insights into the astral realm, strengthens the connection with higher self and inner child


Main Chakra: Crown

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