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Botanical designation

anadenanthera peregrina
schizolobium amazonicum

Pariká is well-known for its power and antibacterial ingredients. The ashes have a high vibration and help with the clearing of negative and stuck energies. It works in balance with the body and mind and contains a small dose of natural DMT.

Pariká or Paricá Rapé is sacredly prepared from the ashes of the Angico seeds, the same ones used to make Yopo. The seeds stem from the Anadenanthera Peregrina tree, which can reach up to 40 metres in height and contain a large number of medicinal alkaloids, which are not entheogens.

Together with the bark of this holy tree being they contain psychoactive substances. They are rich in tryptamine derivatives that act as serotonin mimetics, such as N,N-dimethyltryptamine (N,N-DMT), N,N-dimethyl-5-methoxytryptamine (5-MeO-DMT) and bufotenine (5-hydroxy-dimethyltryptamine). Furthermore, the plant contains traces of β-carboline alkaloids and 2-methyltetrahydro-β-carboline.

A classic scienece description includes in the effects of this substance the complete loss of identity and multidimensional visions, associated with strong and varied psychedelic hallucinations. For example the transformation into animals, erotic ecstasy and the sensation of flying are commonly viewed through the scientific lense. The effect is often preceded by headaches, salivation, and vomiting before reaching a trance state with dancing, singing, and screaming.

Nevertheless even in the scientific world it is highly recommended for therapists because it promotes a cleaner contact with the other, in this case referring to the patients energy, increasing the overall sensitivity between the seemingly different parties. It also serves well to improve concentration and promoting creativity.

In traditional healing, the bark of this tree is used in the treatment of inflammation of the upper respiratory tract.


The divine flora brings depth and presence in our body and can dominantly work in the area of the third chakra also called the solar plexus. The experience to original reinigitation and balance of the solar plexus chakra area in many cases causes connection to a healthy self-esteem, purpose and direction in life.

It similarly works well inside the crown chakra expanding the connection with the divine intelligence from which comes our feeling of wholeness. If applied with dedication the connection with others and with the whole can become obvious and a crystal clear concious experience to take back with us once the journey is over. Besides the crown chakra, it is also good for the sacral chakra, aligning the emotional body to function for the best of all humanity and interest of planetary wholeness.

The ashes used in this holy blend along with Arapiraca or Mapacho make this an excellent Rapé for connecting with ancestry, with guides, connecting with the awakening to new levels of human conciousness, inner healing and moving the body’s energies. It provides great overall connection, clarity and a strong sense of presence not only to awaken our inner teacher and establish a clear connection with the ancestors but to reorder the channels of the own body and to keep an open the heart. 

Other traditional ingredients of Pariká Rapé is said to derive from Schizolobium Amazonicum, a tree from the heart of the Amazon Rainforest that has been utilized in indigenous medicine for its antibacterial qualities for a long time. Only a selection of these sacred trees can be blended into the Rapé, and often only the shamans know which ones they are.

Spiritually it helps in clearing negative and stuck energies in the body and mind. Pariká applied in a sacred way can lead to a state of deep meditation in which the mental realm is perceived as centered, cleared and silenced.

Some tribes consider Pariká to be used in ceremonial context as an enforcement, taking it while putting themselves inside focused sessions of meditation or contemplation. It is as well of great assistance in various forms by shamans in sacred rituals, for example during an initiation, where called students who aspire to work with medicine acquire the skills of a healer, counsellor, oracle or curador. It helps them tremendiously falling into a deepend trance state in which they open up and bring about communication with the spirits of the forest and beyond.


The extremely well balanced effect of the divine mixture causes a deepening within oneself to the point it awakens the study of the sacred, the astral realm, the link to our ancestry, planetary awareness, collective human conciousness and pure spiritual healing.

The Rapé is excellent for deep and transcendental states of being because it guarantees intense connection to the present moment and awareness of the omnipresence. Through these phenomenas it enables us to really tune into the energies around us without having to experience the usual sensation of seperation from other people or the outside world. It is definitly one of the more stronger spiritual experiences that are possible with Pariká.


Medical Benefits: Anti-inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, antibacterial, improved concentration

Spiritual Benefits: High vibrational, experience of the omnipresence, awakening, deep trance states, infinite creativy flow, link to our ancestry, concious connection to ancestors

Main Chakras: Sacral, Solar Plexus, Third Eye and Crown

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Energetic Experience

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