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Sacred Transformation

Botanical designation

dipteryx odorata

Cumaru serves as a great transformational medium. The sacred tree is sought out at special gatherings and connects us deeply with Mother Earth. The wonderful wise creature stands unconditionally by our side.

This divine blend contains ashes from the bark of the Cumaru or Brazilian teak tree, which is a protective and healing tree. It is one of the largest trees in South America growing to 40-50 meters in height and its fruit is called Tonka. According to Huni Kuin tradition, it is a tree that does not rot because it is of "hard-core truth" and is said to be "the tree that cannot be killed". Peruvian shamans call this tree "Shihuahuaco" and sing many sacred songs to it during ceremonies and pray to it as a great teacher.


The spirit of this being is very strong, and its power can also be recognized by the fact that this tree is one of the highest towering above the forest. It even translates into the physical world because Cumaru is one of the densest and hardest wood in the world and serves as robust building material not only for indigenous people.

The flowers growing from it are small, white, fragrant and often visited by bees. Its fruits are oval and medium size and contain black seeds when ripe. They are rich in coumarin, a protein that gives vanilla its flavor. In various culinary preparations they find their use and replace one of the most expensive delicacies in the world, the vanilla. The Tree's reproduction is iniciated by seeds or seedlings.


From a medical perspective Cumaru is a native Amazonian plant, which has anti-asthmatic, antispasmodic, diaphoretic properties (stimulation of perspiration which contributes to the detoxification of the body), anti-inflammatory and analgesic (rheumatism and headache) features. It is also a bronchodilator which relieves lung congestion in cases of flu, asthma, and bronchitis. Mentaly it is recommended to help in moments of confusion, mental fatigue, lack of concentration and memoryloss.

Hence the Rapé made by this sacred tree helps against all types of flu-like viruses by cleaning the sinuses and is as well indicated to help in the treatment of respiratory problems. For this purpose during the times of Covid it was regularly in use by specific tribes in the rainforest. Besides virus protection and physical curing abitlites, this Rapé promotes an overall well-being, relaxation, relieves muscular pain and helps with the sensation of peace and inner silence. Therefore it is indeed worshiped and used by many Acre tribes including the Katukina-Nokekoi, Yawanawa, and Huni Kuin because of its highly energetic characteristics.

Not only in the indigenous world Cumaru is very much appreciated. Seekers of extradimensional experiences, meditators, and people who like to get to know themselves through contemplative processes are attracted by the holy tree.

Mental focus and deep meditation are regular basic side effects while being in the force of the Cumaru Spirit as well as the promoting of more subtle levels of concentration and perception. It is believed to possess unique wisdom and power to provide spiritual protection.


During a Cumaru journey it is common for the third chakra to be activated through a strong stimulating effect on the pineal gland. It also brings about an increased flow of energy towards the crown chakra, nourishing our connection to astral realms causing reception of spiritual views with high value while calming the thinking mind. It can even go as far as opening up extra-physical perceptions.


Conciously applied with diligence and devotion the divine Cumaru being takes us on deep spiritual trance-like journeys. Complete clearance of thoughts and therefore mindful stillness together with a gateway into the spiritual world through an open crown center bring about intense states of being. That is why Cumaru Rapé is known to be powerful, intense and some cases can cause profound nausea and detoxification.

However it is truly excellent in finding back into the physical world and integrating strong spiritual experiences which creates amazing balance between different worlds of existance because this sacred mixture is simultaneously extremely grounding. Consequently, it works greatly for aligning all the chakra system.

To no surprise this flavor of Rapé is seen in many spiritual and healing rituals, due to the medicinal properties of the tree and its unique force. It serves greatly for spiritual cleansing and to detect energy blockages which can more easily be removed after the application. In some cases, executed with the right intention by the right shaman, extreme transmutational processes are stimulated with the help of Cumaru Rapé, leaving the transformed person in a blank state to reorganize the core believe system, causing a holisitc healing experience.

In short, Cumaru Rapé is one of the most reliable blends for grounding and calming the entire physical plus energetic body. With its unique properties, this mixture supports deep relaxation processes and acts in the mental field by cleansing, detoxifying, clearing, and aligning thoughts while bringing connection to the heart. Additional, the divine mixture creates energy-flow into the superior chakras, promoting a harmonious internal structuring that facilitates the connection of the cosmic energies with the help of intuition, doing so in a natural grounded way to expand visions and bringing new perspectives to life.


Medical Benefits: anti-asthmatic, antispasmodic, diaphoretic properties, detoxification, anti-inflammatory, analgesic (rheumatism and headache), relieves lung congestion, relieving flu, asthma soothing and bronchitis curative; Acts contrary to confusion, mental fatigue, lack of concentration and memoryloss

Spiritual Benefits: Extremly grounding, clear spiritual insights, extremly transformational, believe changing, holistic healing expereince

Main Chakras: Root, Throat, Third Eye and Crown

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