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Our Rapé

Creating Rapé is an alchemical process. There are many different ways to go about producing the sacred medicine which is brought to us in form of very fine powder. Here we want to share some steps and grant access to a deeper inside into our products.


Step 1

Finding the right connection

This has to be the most important step. We put extra value and care into creating authentic connections. We have many sources into the amazon forest and always make sure we receive credible medicine directly from the roots of mother earth without any detours.

Step 2

Allowing natural flow

We constantly keep an open mind to the reception. Trust and allowance are major components in the process of receiving the right medicine at the right time. We do not insist on certain outcomes during the creation and put our faith into the hands of the true masters who are the indigenous people themselves.

Image by Sean Bernstein

Step 3

Adding our own touch

Once we receive the original fresh ingredients we combine it with our heart knowledge to create unique products for you. We are especially sensitive during this phase to keep the original spirit alive while adding our own twist to evolve into a adaptive realm of sensations.

Step 4

Distribution across the planet

Our mission is to provide smooth conciousness expansion opportunities across the globe. Our Rapé aims to support each ones own developing journey as well as positive shifts on a global scale for the better of humanity.

Image by Martin Sanchez


Learn how Txai Matheus, one of our RAPEZITO Alchemists, is putting together the sacred ingredients to form the holy Ashes and Mapacho Tobacco mixture that is widely know as Rapé Medicine.

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