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Summer is coming

And we want to invite you to smell all the essence of it, combined with some pure organic Rapé medicine directly from the mothers womb in the Rainforest. Come and take a bath in the energies of Ni Yuxibu, the jungle energy from the Huni Kuin Tribe located in the Amazon itself. Let the emotions flow and get ready for a refreshing experience. Join our Ceremony and celebrate existence.

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The Ceremony

There will be a short introduction beforehand about what Rapé is, where it comes from and how it works. Questions and answers about the Txais and the Huni Kuin tribe will also be covered in detail.

After the ceremony there will be the possibility to hang out for a while and have conversations if necessary or to delve further into the medicine.




Meeting point: Tempelhofer Feld Entrance Tempelhofer Damm Berlin 2:22 pm

- -

Start of the ceremony approx. 3:33 pm

From Tempelhof we will go find a nice spot in the grass where the ceremony will take place.



Join us, bring your own instruments or let the primal energies of a rape ceremony wash over you.

We recommend not to eat up to 3 hours before the ceremony and to drink only water or light juice on the day of the rapé.

Image by Ralf Knüfer
Image by Raphaël Menesclou


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