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Limpia purifica (Clean and purify!)

Maximum cleansing, clearing & protection
Uplifting & refreshing

This Spray is induced with the essence of Black Cobalt (Tree resin), Palo Santo (Sacred wood tree resin), Dragon Blood (Tree resin) and Tobacco (Plant essence).
Used Alcohol to extract the essence of the elements has 94,6 percentage or strenght.

It contains the following organic essential oils:

White Sage
Desert Sage

Shake the bottle while thinking positive cleansing thoughts before each usage.
Each bottle comes with a spraying head and a normal screw cap.

When not used for longer periods the spraying mechanism could be blocked because of the resin richness of the spray, hence the normal screw cap.

Made with a very big load of healing energies.

Limpia Purifica

24,99 €Price
100 Milliliters
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