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ABOUT MURICI (byrsonima crassifolia (L.) rich):



'CozySmooth Affecionation'


Murici opens soft and silky worlds where we can simply surrender to. We can feel surrounded by soft nurturing and nourishing relaxing energies that remind us of the tranquility in life causing a soothing grounding experience.

Murici is a plant found throughout Latin America, where about 130 species have been identified. The name of this tree is of Tupi origin and means ‘small tree’. The species that exist in Brazil can be found in a wide range that includes areas of the Amazon Rainforest, states of the Southeast, Center-West, and also in the Northeast. In this region, more specifically in the Caatinga, the flowering period is right after the rains. It is a tree that attracts many birds due to its enticing yellow or red berries and is seen by the Huni Kuin as well as other indigenous tribes from the Amazon region as a representation of abundance. Other popular names such as murici-da-praia or murici-do-brejo can be used to refer to this holy being.


Murici has the extraordinary feature of reviving seemingly dead places bringing nature back to life. On the human being it uses this power to very effectively revitalize the frontal lobe of the right and left cerebral hemispheres.


It is well known for its positive effects through the physical purification of the energies that accumulate in the lower abdomen and is good at working on relationships with others to build social connections. In general the divine being of Murici is gentle, grounding, heartwarming and great for inspiering artists.

The Huni Kuin use Murici to enhance creativity and for manifesting out of the mental realm. When being in touch with the sacred tree spirit the Huni Kuin will envision what they want for their lives and project energy towards its manifestation. Therefore it is recommended to have a solid intention in mind when being in touch with it, so that the manifestation is causing good things for ourselves, our lives and our world.

The bark of the Murici tree is rich in tannins. It serves as an anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, astringent, expectorant, antipyretic, sinusitis relief, rhinitis relief and laxative. The Tree's skin is used for gastrointestinal disorders, including indigestion, diarrhea and dysentery. Other areas of treatment consists of help with lung diseases, nasal congestion, curing mouth infections, reducing symptoms of the common cold, inhibiting fever, antidote for snake bitesit, strengthening the immune system, regulating the female period and vaginal discharge.

It acts strongly on the physical body causing realignment to gain strength through activating the muscle fibers and hardening our bones. In this process the body is infused with vital energy to release body aches. Simultaneously it induces profound relaxation of the muscles promoting an overall well-being for the whole organism.

Adding to all that Murici is well known to reduce stress, anxiety, fear and depression. It is an amazing vitamin c boost straight up through the blood brain barrier and into the body, immune system and lymphatic system.

Rapé made with Murici is good for general energetic cleansing of the body but is also seen as a tool for opening the path to spirit. In that journey it acts as a catalyzed energy in the astral world. Beings on the path of internalization, introspection and spiritual understanding can enjoy being accompanied by Murici to create a smooth awareness about their higher self.

Some relate the force of Murici to the element of earth which helps us with the absorption of telluric energy. The electromagnetic waves coming into the root continue to flow through the umbilical chakras and works on the pancreas gland and adrenal glands. Lower emotion can be cleared receiving this stream of energy during the use of Murici Rapé that can connect us as well with the element of fire. This helps us to get in contact with our inner power and find strength to act. After regulating our sexual energy it delivers life force energy straight into your heart, infusing it with love and compassion.

Even though Murici is known to have a masculine energy it can just as intense revealing its abundant feminine energy that works with the higher chakras. Extremely clearing vibrations are the cause of energy penetrating all the way into and above our crown to bring us in a deep calm inner space. Mentally it offers sharp and up until lucid sensations in our dreamtime. The fostering of a heightened sense of clarity are common effects that are being shared while being in the force of Murici. Furthermore it acts as a stimulant for the pineal gland, making it particularly beneficial for meditation, concentration and focus.

Many consider working with the sacred blend when we are feeling anxiety, too emotional or overly fearful and grounding is needed to unblock stagnant energies,

When we cultivate the divine mixture of Murici we can enjoy personal acceptance, self love, connection with our bodies, longevity, vibrant sexual health and a natural enthusiasm for life. This plant medicine is very powerful, profoundly healing, and cleansing on many levels but serves well also for beginners.


Medical Benefits:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • anti-allergic properties
  • astringent
  • expectorant
  • antipyretic
  • laxative
  • treats gastrointestinal disorders
  • fixes indigestion
  • helps with diarrhea & dysenter
  • soothes lung & mouth infections
  • treats nasal congestion
  • cures symptoms of a cold
  • sinusitis & rhinitis relief
  • antidote for snake bits
  • period regulating
  • inhibits fever
  • boosts the immune system
  • reduces stress, anxiety, fear and depression

Spiritual Benefits:

  • lucid dreaming
  • lucid experiences
  • emotional release
  • blockage opening
  • introspection
  • inner power
  • astral guidance
  • heart opening
  • life force enhancing
  • pineal gland stimulating


Main Chakras:

  • Sacral
  • Heart
  • Third Eye
  • Crown

Murici Rapezito

25,52 €Price
  • Rapé is a principal medicine that finds its use in many different areas. It can serve as a very powerful cure for all kinds of blockages. Made of the master plant Tobacco it is used to pray with, to purify the body, clear the mind, refresh the soul and ground deep into mother earth. It brings healing to not only oneself but others and the planet. Being with the Spirit of Rapé one can also study this medicine and go through strong experiences if one feels the calling.

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