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ABOUT VEIA DE PAJÉ (solanum paniculatum)


'Inner Communication Insight '


A clear communication is opened up into the inner realms using the divine Rapé Veia de Pajé. It helps to get insights and answers in a more direct way while directing focus and awareness into the etheric realms and upper Chakras.

What makes this Rapé special is its connection to the Jurubeba plant that is a so called nightshade and common in almost all of Brazil. It is a well known medicinal plant throughout the population of brasilians with a bitter taste and is often mixed in infusions to stimulate and aid digestion. Sometimes among indigenous tribes it is more known as cipó Jibóia which refers to an archetype of snake from which all other snakes have originated from.

It has smooth leaves and curved spines on the trunk, small yellow fruits and lilac or white flowers and can be used to help treat illnesses, in cooking or to prepare alcoholic drinks such as cachaça or wine.


There are truly a vast amount of medical benefits that have been detected studying Jurubeba. The root of can be used to treat illnesses such as anemia, arthritis, liver disease or digestive problems, while the leaves can be used for gastrointestinal problems such as excess gas or a burning sensation in the stomach, as well as bronchitis, coughs and liver problems such as hepatitis or jaundice, for example. In addition, the roots and fruits of Jurubeba have diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties that can be useful to help treat bladder or urinary tract infections.

Some say the first Rapé containing ash from various parts of the Jurubeba plant spirit was originally produced by the Kuntanawa tribe. The thin vine of the plant-being that also grows in the Amazon rainforest is known as Veia de Pajé (Shaman's vein). Because of its heart shaped leaves it is also called heart of the Boa Constrictor, or sometimes just Jiboinha (little Boa). It is a herb used by many tribes for different types of magic in the forest and according to the traditions it has been used for centuries in various rituals to attract positive energy as well as repel negative energy.  Also known among the Shawadawa as Veia de Pajé, it is a vine used in profound healing rituals. It is a vine that has cardiovascular medicinal properties that they additionaly call pajé's heart.

The holy blend is especially known to prevent venous obstruction and regulate blood pressure aiding a smooth circulation to prevent heart problems. Relieving tiredness, stress and muscle pain caused by daily routine are more effects coming forward using this Rapé in addition with promoting a feeling of balance and serenity. It brings mental strength, spiritual strength, aids in deep meditation and is very consecrated to the power of ayahuasca.


The indigenous medicine of Veia de Pajé connects directly with the enchanted beings of the forest making it an excellent medicine for connecting with ancestors. Used correctly it grants access to shamanic wisdom and deep understandings together with celebrating union with ancestral spirituality. According to the Kuntanawa medicine men, this mixture is a reserved and powerful combination. Therefore, those who decide to use this medicine must be clear about their interests, seeking a deep dimension in spiritual alchemy.


It is widely used by chiefs and shamans, one example being to obtain visions during their healings and ceremonies.. Therefore it should not be underestimated because it inherits strong powers guiding us to positivity and warding off negativy. However inner balance is strongly recommended before using the divine blend since the intention in consecrating this specific Rapé must be very clear, pure and well defined so as not to attract the opposite of what is desired. It is recommended to find a comfortable and suitable space, free from distractions, and some time to integrate its effects. It performs a deep physical and energetic cleanse.

Veía de Pajé is an invitation to deep shamanic journeys, connecting intensely with spirituality. In many cases it creates feelings of spiritual uplift and connection with etheral wisdom. It is a dense and deep medicine that connects us with the roots, the earth, the density, the ancestors and can gift us with emotional balance. According to the Kuntanawa, it is a very powerful mixture reserved for advanced users, with great power of attraction.


It is a Rapé of great strength, cleansing and connection. Veia de Pajé is a spiritual journey that offers the opportunity to explore the depths of your own consciousness. Be prepared for a unique and meaningful experience.


Medical Benefits:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • bladder infections
  • urinary tract
  • hepatitis
  • gastric ulcer
  • heartburn
  • loss of appetite
  • excessive intestinal gas
  • constipation
  • weight loss
  • anemia
  • arthritis
  • cough or bronchitis
  • nausea
  • fever
  • flu
  • diabetes
  • cystitis
  • spleen-inflammation
  • erysipelas
  • wounds
  • ache
  • bruises
  • malaria

Spiritual Benefits:

  • insight
  • communication with spirit
  • attracting positive energys
  • manifestation
  • visions
  • thrid eye opening
  • connection with ancestores
  • emotional balance
  • inner balance

Main Chakras:

  • Heart
  • Thrid Eye
  • Crown

Veia de Pajé Rapezito

26,62 €Price
  • Rapé is a principal medicine that finds its use in many different areas. It can serve as a very powerful cure for all kinds of blockages. Made of the master plant Tobacco it is used to pray with, to purify the body, clear the mind, refresh the soul and ground deep into mother earth. It brings healing to not only oneself but others and the planet. Being with the Spirit of Rapé one can also study this medicine and go through strong experiences if one feels the calling.

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