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Tsunu rapé is strong, awakening, clarifying and cleansing - it mainly contains tobacco, tsunu ash (Platycyamus regnelli) and a few other ingredients.
Many people find the scent of this strong rapé very pleasant. It creates a strong feeling of grounding, which is especially effective after prolonged stress. Its scent goes in the earthy, wild direction with clear notes of a lively fermentation.
Tsunu is also used for its great healing properties to treat malaria, impotence, indigestion, dizziness, constipation, and fever.
It has a typically uplifting frequency. It usually has strong feminine qualities and is ideal for balancing energies and finding stability.
This Rapé is ideal to connect with feminine energy, deep healing and realignment of the self.
It is used for more intense meditation and energetic release, connection to the earth, connection to your energy system and chakras. Treat diseases on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.
Chakras: Heart and Upper
Tsunu is deciduous, with a dense bark. It can grow up to 20 meters tall and a trunk 60 cm in diameter, it is one of the most used trees to treat ailments in many Amazonian tribes.

Tsunu Rapezito

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  • Rapé is a principal medicine that finds its use in many different areas. It can serve as a very powerful cure for all kinds of blockages. Made of the master plant Tobacco it is used to pray with, to purify the body, clear the mind, refresh the soul and ground deep into mother earth. It brings healing to not only oneself but others and the planet. Being with the Spirit of Rapé one can also study this medicine and go through strong experiences if one feels the calling.

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