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ABOUT SANSARA (sanchezia nobilis):

NOTE: This Rapé was produced in February 2024. We have also fresher Sansara available!


'Gentle Heart Connection'


Sansara Rapé releases tension and reminds us about a way of less resistance in a loving, often feminine way. It brings extension to our being through the heart chakra, to achieve centering of our energies and to guide us softly into the flow of life that is of more ease and beauty.

Sansara is a native spirit to the Amazon rainforest physically manifesting in a plant which is highly respected by many indigenous peoples.
The Sansara energy can appear as a magic snake in ceremony and when it does it has a significance of good luck and happiness. It is considered the plant of especially three powers. It starts with Love which can help attracting your divine partner followed by prosperity that can lead us into a life of ease and last but not least abundance to help us realizing our true manifesting powers. It is a plant that opens us up to the way of the heart, lets positivity flow into our life, and supplies us with soft nourishing energies.
The holy herb has been studied by the Shawãdawa Shamans of the Red Macaw tribe for its calming effects and spiritual strength.

Sansara medicine is very known for its aroma and its spiritual power. Sometimes the Rapé can serve to access the world of plant medicine in a smooth way and therefore is also recommended for beginners. In general the herb helps alleviate anxiety and bring peace and tranquility. Amazonian herbal tradition says that it balances the energy in the body. The divine mixture of Sansara in most cases has a caring feminine character to it and features strong spiritual access. The main reference to its name is a plant and not a tree, but it is common to add more traditional ingredients together with the treated leaves of Sansara like Tsunu or other commonly known tree ashes. This alchemistic procedure can add even more benefits to the sacred Rapé blend depending on its composition.

Through the rich traditional indigenous knowledge we know that Sansara is an impactful medicine. The bronchial dilating, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties have by now also be confirmed by the western world. Besides that it can cure headaches and is indicated for respiratory problems as well as having a deep impact on our body to relax muscles.

Indigenous and spiritual people know that the divine plant teacher of Sansara promotes profound relaxation not only physically but throughout our whole energetic being. It relieves stress and clears mental cloudiness like overthinking or being too attached to certain thought forms. It is of great assistance for deepening meditation and falling into altered states of consciousness. With all its benefits regarding the spiritual development and physical existence it can easily take away our fatigues of everyday life.

Being a sacred herb, Sansara helps us in the process of inner awakening. It can work on the pineal chakra, providing calmness and spiritual strength going on such a journey.
The Rapé will expand and strengthen our spiritual connection if so desired. It helps us to be able to connect with the whole and see the connection of all things in life. It is a Rapé that has been recommended especially to therapists, channelers and spiritual teachers for them to connect with the spirit realm and receive guidance. If there is a wish to cultivate or strengthen the gift of channeling, Sansara or sometimes referred to as Samsara will be of assistance leading to meditations in which messages can be received to link up with the higher self.

This specific Rapé therefore acts on many levels and covers a wide spectrum of possibilities for its users. Ranging all the way to people new to plant medicine into states of complete wholeness shows the divine powers this sacred blend carries in it. The caring Sansara spirit demonstrates impressive loving adjustments made to deliver an overall softening feeling of comfort and well-being no matter in which state of the spiritual journey we are in, showing us that through the heart we are all connected.


Medical Benefits:

  • relaxation of the muscles
  • respiratory soothing
  • fatigue taking
  • bronchial dilating
  • anti-inflammatory
  • analgesic properties

Spiritual Benefits:

  • anxiety relieve
  • peace, tranquility
  • balancing of energies
  • alignment with the higher self
  • spiritual power activation
  • mental clearance
  • meditation support
  • third eye stimulating

Main Chakras:

  • Heart
  • Throat
  • Thrid Eye

Sansara Rapezito (February)

26,62 € Regular Price
22,22 €Sale Price
  • Rapé is a principal medicine that finds its use in many different areas. It can serve as a very powerful cure for all kinds of blockages. Made of the master plant Tobacco it is used to pray with, to purify the body, clear the mind, refresh the soul and ground deep into mother earth. It brings healing to not only oneself but others and the planet. Being with the Spirit of Rapé one can also study this medicine and go through strong experiences if one feels the calling.

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