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ABOUT AROEIRA (schinus terebinthifolius / Myracrodruon urundeuva):

NOTE: This Rapé was produced in February 2024. We have also fresher Aroeira available!


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More details will follow...


Medical Benefits:

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Spiritual Benefits:

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Main Chakras:

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Aroeira Rapezito (February)

25,52 € Regular Price
22,22 €Sale Price
  • Rapé is a principal medicine that finds its use in many different areas. It can serve as a very powerful cure for all kinds of blockages. Made of the master plant Tobacco it is used to pray with, to purify the body, clear the mind, refresh the soul and ground deep into mother earth. It brings healing to not only oneself but others and the planet. Being with the Spirit of Rapé one can also study this medicine and go through strong experiences if one feels the calling.

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